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Dillon Digital Force Gauges

Digital Force Gauges are supported with service and calibration by Dillon factory authorized technicians who believe in excellence through performance. Our Factory Authorized Service & Calibration Center serves the entire Dillon Product Line.

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Mecmesin Force Gauges

Mecmesin Force Gauge

AFG ~ Advanced Force Gauge

With the introduction of the all-new AFG from Mecmesin, the industry’s most advanced force gauge just got better. The AFG offers unique features that separate it from everything on the market today.
For more information download the:

AFG Users Manual
Force Gauges Brochure
Basic Force Gauge

BFG ~ Basic Force Gauge

The all-new BFG from Mecmesin offers a myriad of new features at an even lower price. The BFG force gauges are designed for easy operation and provide outstanding performance in both tension and compression.
For more information download the

BFG Users Manual
Force Gauges Brochure
Compact Force Gauge

CFS ~ Compact Force Gauge

  • Pocket sized
  • Three capacities:
    50N/5kg/11lb, 200N/20kg/45lb, 500N/50kg/110 lb
  • Tension & compression
  • Resolution 1 part in 2000
  • Accuracy 0.5% of full scale.
CFG Users Manual
Force Gauges Brochure

Mark-10 Force Gauges

Mark10 Series5 Force Gauge

Series 5

  • 7,000 Hz sampling rate
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, & analog outputs
  • ±0.1% accuracy
  • 1,000 point data memory and statistics
  • Capacities up to 1,000 lb (5,000 N)
    From $995
PDF Brochure
Mark10 Series3 Force-Gauge

Series 3

  • 2,000 Hz sampling rate
  • Ultra-compact form factor
  • USB output
  • ±0.3% accuracy
  • Reversible housing and display
PDF Brochure
Mark10 Series2 Force-Gauge

Series 2

  • 500 Hz sampling rate
  • Ultra-compact form factor
  • ±0.5% accuracy
  • Reversible housing and display
PDF Brochure

Dillon Force Gauge

GL Series Force Gauge

GL Series

  • Measures tension and compression forces
  • Rechargeable battery for portability
  • Backlit display for all light levels
  • Serial output to transmit data
  • Includes full set of handy accessories
PDF Brochure
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