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Dillon/Quality Plus Mechanical and Digital Force Gauges

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. offers a wide range of both Mechanical & Digital Force Gauges. Dillon Mechanical Force Gauges are ideal for standalone force applications or as the load defining component of a much larger system.

Digital Force Gauges can be used in handheld applications or mounted to one of our manual or motorized test stands for more controlled applications.

Mechanical Force Gauges

Are all serviced and calibrated by factory authorized technicians focused on excellent quality

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Digital Force Gauges

Precision, digital force gauges.
Computer interface, alarm set points and more!

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Factory Authorized Service and Calibration.

In addition to supplying Mechanical and Digital Force Gauges, Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. stands by the Dillon Family name by offering Factory Authorized Service and Calibration.

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